Meet Lissa Geiger Shulman

Candidate for State Representative in HD-30

I’m Lissa Geiger Shulman. I’m an early childhood education advocate, a working mom, and a candidate for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 30th House District. I know the sacrifices it takes to work and raise a family. I also know that Harrisburg isn’t working for working people.

Too many of us haven’t seen a real raise in years and struggle with the rising skyrocketing costs of living, working, and raising a family. I’m the right person to represent Richland, Hampton, Shaler, Fox Chapel, and O’Hara Township because I’ve worked the system from the inside and the outside and gotten results for our communities.

As a public school teacher, chief of staff, and an advocate I’ve taught in under-resourced schools, solved flooding issues, and have grown investments in early childhood programs by over $100 million.

I believe our government should work as hard as we do, and I know you share that vision.

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