Lissa believes that all children deserve access to an excellent school district. Having necessary resources for our school districts is critical, and that means both funding and well-trained and empowered teachers who are supported by strong building and administrative leaders. Children who have experienced adverse experiences and trauma need counselors and family engagement specialists, not blame and push out.

  • Access to excellent school districts for all students
  • Empower teachers and school professionals by removing burdensome state mandates
  • Focus on whole-child development and provide resources for children who have experienced trauma


Irresponsible politicians continue to pretend this climate crisis won’t harm us and our children. In the next ten years, we must take big, bold actions and my environment policy platform outlines exactly what we must do.

  • End subsidies and tax credit giveaways to petrochemical companies
  • Fracking must be safe and responsible, polluters must be held accountable
  • Begin working on a transition to clean energy

Working Families

Our current economy prioritizes the excesses of corporate profits over the needs of everyday citizens. Employers do not have to offer adequate wages, sufficient healthcare coverage, or paid time off. Convenient, quality child care is unaffordable. Lissa believes in the right of workers to organize and in a government that ensures employers take care of workers as people first, and growing profits second.

  • Fight corporate greed
  • End poverty wages
  • Support workers rights to organize
  • Create family-sustaining jobs


All patients deserve access to healthcare facilities and doctors of their choice. Insurance and prescription coverage should take a preventative approach to cover the care people need with a focus on customer service. Women deserve control of their own healthcare decisions. Seniors and people with disabilities deserve support, without a waitlist, so that they can remain independent within their homes and communities.

  • Access to choice of doctors and healthcare facilities
  • Reducing prescription drug costs
  • Women can make their own healthcare decisions
  • End wait lists for disability and senior services

Early Childhood

Lissa has seen in her own children and their friends the profound social and emotional growth that goes on long before children enter Kindergarten. It is time to capitalize on this critical period of development by ensuring a sufficient supply of affordable, high-quality early learning programs. This includes home visiting programs focused on maternal and child health, early intervention services, child care for working families, and prekindergarten education.

  • Expand access to Pre-K education
  • Make quality child care affordable
  • Increase home visiting and early intervention services
  • Support social and emotional development, along with physical and cognitive

Ending Childhood Poverty Platform

It is unacceptable that Pennsylvania has done little to address growing childhood poverty over the last four years. Lissa believes that the role of our state government is to support all children to foster a better future for everyone. This includes programs for early childhood development and education, nutritious meals, housing, and access to counseling and trauma-related care.

  • Increase the minimum wage
  • End child care subsidy waitlist
  • Ensure access to nutritious meals and snacks
  • Increase trauma-informed education

COVID-19 Response Platform

Lissa believes in providing immediate relief to frontline workers to ensure their health and safety through Personal Protective Equipment and employer policies that minimize risks at businesses and job sites. Lissa supports implementing economic policies that benefit all workers both during a pandemic and after, and ensuring that we listen to scientists and experts so that we never face a catastrophe of this magnitude again.

  • Immediate relief and safety measures for healthcare & frontline workers
  • Prioritizing the health and safety of our residents while moving to a fair economy
  • Ensuring preparedness for the next global crisis

Government Reform Platform

Too many individuals who have lost faith in our government as an institution that can bring positive change to people’s lives. I am not running to be part of a government run by the rich and powerful, and I support changing our system to be transparent and anti-corruption. This can be accomplished through fair districts, campaign finance reform, ending the “old boys” culture in Harrisburg, and expanding access to the ballot box.

  • Fair redistricting process
  • Campaign finance limits and gift ban for public officials
  • Expanding access to the ballot box
  • Ending Harrisburg’s “old boys” culture

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